Sistema Bracelet v2 (4-hole, 9mm, MA+MR)

Sistema Bracelet v2 (4-hole, 9mm, MA+MR) from Parts of Four

Sistema series

The Sistema series is first family within Parts of Four. As a mode of creation it expresses the core principle of P/4 which is modularity. The "body" and "insert" are separate parts joined together with pins. This leaves endless possibilities for iteration of material and form combinations.

MA: MATTE STERLING SILVER. Sanded at 320 grit

MR: MATTE BRASS. Matte Brass

PLEASE NOTE: This is an irregular, uneven finish and will differ from the photograph. For a cleaner, polished black finish, consider KA (Black Sterling.)

- Dimensions: Bracelet Band Width: 9mm

- Weight: 75 grams (size M)