Fashion brand created by designers Hitoshi KOROGI (born in Kyoto in 1976) and Keiko MIYAKOSHI (born in Kobe in 1980). We started the brand in 2006, with the concept "Clothes as accessories, Accessories as clothes" and are based in Osaka. In 2011, We opened an atelier and gallery shop in Honmachi (Osaka). Our usage of vivid colors and metallic materials gave us an innovative modern avantgarde couture style which attracted attention of people from Japan and overseas. We have also made clothes for many artists, including Lady Gaga. In Spring 2012, We exposed our work at Paris Fashion Week. We believe that fashion is a mirror reflecting ourselves and a way of expression to show our personality, as well as a communication tool with our society. 「We can change who we are by changing our fashion. And when we change ourselves, we can change the people around us…」But fashion shouldn’t be categorized like that. There are infinite possibilities coming from our fashion and we keep searching for them. Accessory as clothes, clothes as accessory ; as designers we strongly believe this. Sometimes they emphasize each other and occasionally convey a deep fascination with the other. When worn there is no border between them, clothes can be a part of an accessory, accessory can be a part of clothes by coexisting.

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