Ambar Pot Pourri Apothicaire | Terre Noire

Ámbar Pot Pourri Apothicaire "Terre Noire" from Mad Et Len

- Our Pot Pourri Apothicaire- comes in a Hand hammered iron case with a black fumé finish and a black paper box including a 15ML PERFUME REFILLING

- We use AMBAR RESIN infused with pure perfume

- The aromatic material uses carefully selected oils from flowers, trees, herbs and spices from around the world. Free of silicone, parabens, PEG, artificial colors and fragrances, and petroleum components. It is also proof that we are particular with regard to natural materials that the aroma that cannot be produced appears and the impression of the aroma differs depending on the harvest situation and the time of the material.

-   Includes PARFUM REFILLING /15ml-0.5 Fl .oz 
Our Pot Pourri refilling perfume comes in a black glass bottle with a pipette to use directly on the AMBAR RESIN so as to reinfuse the pot pourri with a few drops of perfume whenever needed

- Composition : 100% PURE PERFUME NO ALCOHOL

- TERRE NOIRE Black Soil, Earthy, Mineral Note, Ancient woods of Petrified Pine, Rare Aged Oakwood- BLACK LAND