Zero Pants

Zero Pants from ROGGYKEI

ROGGYKEI Zero pants new classic silhouette popular.
A voluminous big silhouette using luxurious fabrics and a drape feeling of high-quality linen wool place produce an elegant impression.
We also recommend the style of waist-in tops and wearing high waist.
The waist size pitch is set at 10mm so that you can enjoy a sense of volume, so you can choose from moderate to wide volume depending on the size.
It is easy to style and is useful as an item that can be used in all seasons except midsummer.
You can wear it in unisex.

Material: 90% linen, 10% wool / Belt: Leather

Fabric description:
Fabric that has been exposed so as not to impair the texture of Kibata as much as possible, and has been subjected to cold batch dyeing using reactive dyes.

Size (3 sizes)
XS: Waist: 78㎝ / Hip: 135㎝ 
S: Waist: 88㎝ / Hip: 145㎝ 
M: Waist: 98㎝ / Hip: 165㎝ / Rise: 46㎝

How to care:
Dry cleaning is of course OK, but home laundry is also possible. Considering shrinkage and damage, we recommend hand washing rather than a washing machine. Water temperature is between water and 30 ℃.
If possible, use a mild detergent with a low water temperature and wash gently with detergent. Neutral detergent has less damage to the material when washing than alkaline detergent, and keeps the color fading and texture.

Finish with a steam iron.
It looks beautiful when the waist, pockets and hem are in place.
Also, a method of ironing with a patch cloth at medium temperature setting
The result is a clean, wrinkle-free finish.

Even if you wear it without ironing
The unevenness and wrinkles of the material give a relaxed natural look.

With a little care, you can enjoy a natural texture.
By all means, please use the products that you care about for a long time.

Country of origin: Japan