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Talisman Necklace SPECIMEN | Moldavite | KA+MOL

Talisman Necklace SPECIMEN | Moldavite from PARTS OF 4

- Material:

KA: BLACK STERLING. Black Sterling is acheived by the oxidization of sterling silver. This blackened state will fade or scratch off over time but we will be happy to help teach you how to re-oxidize your pieces if you are interested (it is a very easy process). Additionally, please note that Black Sterling tends to look darker in photograph than in person. 

MOL: MOLDAVITE. Moldavites have been shown to be about 14.7 million years old. The most popular explanation of their origin, according to Prof. Bouska, is that they were formed during the impact of a large meteorite, or comet nuclei, with the Earth’s surface. He explains the formation of tektites in simplified terms: “An enormous body with a volume of several cubic kilometers is racing towards the Earth. The uppermost layers of the Earth’s surface are melted by the highly compressed hot air cushion in front of the flying meteorite prior to its contact with the surface of the Earth. At the moment of impact, there is a tremendous explosion comparable with a multiple hydrogen bomb, the atmosphere is torn apart, and tektites are formed in the vacuum bubble. The fusion process and the throwing out of the tektite glass material occurs in a very short time period prior to the actual impact of the meteorite or comet core. The modeling of the formation of large impact craters has shown that the column of hot ascending atmosphere can carry the tektite melt into the upper parts of the atmosphere or even above the atmosphere.”